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We are continually trying to improve on the functionality of the website and create a consistent structure so that you can easily find items of interest. In addition to commentary in the form of blog posts, you will also find blog postings about meetings, publications and such. Each posting is assigned to one or more categories, and the categories box toward the top left of your screen allows you to filter the front page to display blog posts from only a selected catagory. Because posts so quickly scroll off the page of a busy blog, we have also created a number of static pages that you may access from the menu buttons near the top of the page. Here is a brief description of what you will find on each of those pages.

The links to the other pages are not the same as the Categories just mentioned, even though some are similarly named and may contain some duplication of data. For example, many of you noticed the Empathy blog post dated April 1st with the link to the audio files. Because that entry is quickly scrolling down the page and will soon disappear, we also placed an Empathy link on the Media page. And this post you are reading now can also be found from the About page. So here are the page descriptions:

About is a brief statement of purpose.

People holds lists of links to psychoanalyic societies and organizations, and will soon include links to individuals of our community who have their own web sites.

The Media page holds links to specific audio/video files or sites, and links to specific articles in print.

The Publications page offers links to books and journals and we would like to include a section of links to topical bibliography files. You will also find the occasional link to a published article.

The Meetings page is for notices about conferences, symposia, and other meetings/events with links to the event host’s web site or to a calendar/schedule file in pdf format. It is intended to be a quick and easy reference and does not replace regular blog entries about the meetings. Listings are in reverse chronological sequence.

On the Commentators page you will find brief bios of our official blog commentators, updated as more join us. Of course anyone may post a comment in response to a post, provided they register. (The register link is in a small box labeled Meta on the right side of the screen.)

The Works In Progress page has links to a variety of works — books, papers, presentations — still in progress. It is Dr. Richards idea to facilitate pre-publication peer review and promote interactive scholarship.

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