CMPS Conference: Psychoanalysis in the XXI Century: A Clinical Conference

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To introduce us to the twenty-first century, the Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies has invited five outstanding psychoanalysts who have been closely associated with Hyman Spotnitz and who have participated significantly in the development and evolution of modern psychoanalysis: Arnold Bernstein, Evelyn Liegner,Robert Marshall, Leslie Rosenthal and Murray Sherman. These innovative thinkers have each made many contributions to the field over their long careers, as reflected in their work as educators, training and supervising analysts, in their many published writings, and as lecturers and speakers at conferences and workshops. For this conference they are coming together to exchange thoughts and feelings about their work, their experiences, their philosophy, and their ideas about psychoanalysis in the new century. They will invite us to join in dialogue with them.

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