The Need Not To Believe: Freud’s Godlessness Reconsidered by Arnold Richards

Click Here To Read: The Need Not To Believe: Freud’s Godlessness Reconsidered by Arnold Richards.

A shorter version of this paper was given at The First Conference: This Unbelievable Need to Believe. Sponsored by the Freud Center for Psychoanalytic Studies and Research Israel Psychoanalytic Society Mishkenot Sha’ananim.  The conference was held in Jerusalem, Israel on November 20, 2008.

A longer version of the paper was given at: The Israeli Psychoanalytic Society at 13 Disraeli Street, Talbieh, Jerusalem.

A revised version of this paper is currently in press in the next issue of the Psychoanalytic Review. 

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One Comment on “The Need Not To Believe: Freud’s Godlessness Reconsidered by Arnold Richards”

  1. Donald M Marcus Says:

    It is certainly possible that Freud’s need not to believe does not date back to his early life, but I would like to suggest that this is a cover up to avoid the trauma of Freud’s childhood where we expect to find the beginnings of all neurosis. I also suggest that Marianne Krull does not go too far, but not far enough. Jones tells us that we should believe what Freud’s parents told him that his birthday was May 6, rather than the official record of March 6. If we believe the official records, then Freud’s parents must have had a reason to lie. The most obvious reason would be to conceal the fact that his mother, Amalie, was pregnant before marriage. In addition, there is the real possibility that Freud’s confusion about who his father was is based upon truth, that it was his half brother, and a hasty marriage was arranged to Jacob when Amalie got pregnant. I am suggesting that Freud was lied to about some fundamental facts, and he knew this unconsciously, and that this is a very likely reason for his need not to believe in the God parents.

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