Meet the Presenters at the IPA Chicago Congress: Jane Hall, Jorge Garcia Badaracco, Kenneth Eisold, & Leo Rangell


                                 Jane Hall                     Kenneth Eisold                    Leo Rangell 

The Closed Mind: A Roundtable Discussion Moderator: Jane S. Hall. Participants: Garcia Badaracco (Argentina) Ken Eisold (New York) Leo Rangell (Los Angeles)

An Open Mind is hard to find.  Why do human beings find it so difficult to be open minded, flexible, or willing to consider another way of thinking about something? Using the field of psychoanalysis we have an opportunity to examine this world wide, age-old problem. For as far back as we can remember, people have argued, debated, waged war, and insisted on one point of view over another. Rarely do we hear the phrases, “Let me think about that” or “You may have a point” or “Listening to your argument gives me a whole different slant on this issue”. Instead of listening to another opinion, we busily shore up our arguments and barely listen to another. The best we seem able to do is bargain.
This roundtable discussion will explore why listening with an open mind is so rare; why changing one’s opinion is so difficult. Other issues to be considered are the following: where and when does this problem of closed mindedness begin developmentally? Why is the ability to reflect before deciding on something   underdeveloped? Is the problem related to a primitive based defense of territory and identity?
In order to advance in any endeavor we must be willing to let go of past idealizations. In order to walk one foot must leave the floor. Are some people genetically wired to be flexible or dogmatic? Is it our nurture that prevents us from entertaining a new way of thinking? Is benign curiosity dead? And, why are some of us so easily led by charismatic leaders? Why is it so difficult for such leaders to re-examine policies that have proven injurious, even fatal.

Purpose: To explore the closed mind, to search out its roots, and to discuss how it might be opened.

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