Children, Antipsychotics and Psychoanalysis

Click Here To Read:  Children, Antipsychotics and Psychoanalysis by Claudia M. Gold, on the Child in Mind website on January 27, 2010.

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One Comment on “Children, Antipsychotics and Psychoanalysis”

  1. rltyson Says:

    It’s important to recognize that there are children for whom some medication, even one of the atypical anti-psychotics, would be appropriate. I couldn’t agree more with the approach that requires a competent psychiatric assessment perhaps even with consultation, before prescribing such medications for children. As a child and adult psychoanalyst and psychiatrist,practicing for many years, I have and currently see small children who can respond and engage with another person only with the help of the proper medication. When that engagement is possible, then the psychotherapeutic work can progress.

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