Dear Editor-In-Chief, Happy Birthday!

I am sure that all will join me in wishing Happy Birthday to our editor-in-chief: Arnie Richards. Founder and most enthusiastic contributor to the International Psychoanalysis Blog, Arnie has given us a gift! Where else could we read such diverse, fascinating, and relevant articles with just one click on the computer? Arnie not only keeps us up to date, but he also gives us amazing historical perspectives. From Arlow to Python; poetry to photography; movie reviews to mothering; LeBron to Lewis; Freud to Monroe; yesterday to tomorrow – Arnie’s blog gives us everything we could wish for and more.

Arnie’s openness, his curiosity, his generosity, and his creativity – not to mention his persistence and his energy – combine in rare combination to make him a man for all seasons – a man to emulate – and a man to appreciate.

So Happy Birthday Arnie – and thank you from all who enjoy your gift to us.

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