IPA Congress in Mexico City in August 2011

Dear Colleagues, dear Friends,

This is to inform you that the registration for the next IPA Congress that will take place in Mexico City in August 2011 is now open and available online. You can find it on the new IPA website at the following address:


Please note also that the IPA website features a link to a blog put together by Dr. Prudy Gourguechon of Chicago following her visit to Mexico City in early December.  She was invited to the 50th Anniversary meeting of the APM in Mexico City by the IPA leadership so that she could report back to other IPA members on the security situation.  Many IPA members especially in the US are uneasy about reports they have heard regarding safety issues in Mexico.  Prudy’s reports in the blog that her experience of the city was that it was simultaneously safe, beautiful and exciting.  There’s much more information in the blog on things to do in the city and other topics that might help you plan your August 2011 trip to the IPA Congress. Prudy plans to add more information in the months ahead, so you may want to bookmark the site.  She also toured the conference facility that we will be using for the Congress and you will see striking pictures as well as a verbal description.

The link to Prudy’s blog is www.ipamexicocity.wordpress.com

With best wishes,

Professor Charles Hanly
IPA President
Phone (++1) 416 923 7687

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