Wuhan Hospital for Psychotherapy (A profile)

Having gained the powerful support of Wuhan local government and Wuhan local public health Bureau, Wuhan Mental Health Center separated its psychotherapy department and made it a new brand  hospital for psychotherapy to satisfy the demands of social development. This first-ranked  hospital for psychotherapy is named Wuhan hospital for psychotherapy, affiliated to the Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and will continue deserving its excellent reputation fully – first class for its excellent specialists.

Our greatest asset is our staff, comprised of psychiatrists and nurses. All employees were selected carefully and trained systematically and strictly, even some ever trained in Europe or America. Moreover, all specialists of outpatient department for special demands are domestically prestigious, ready to provide first-class services in an atmosphere that nurtures healing and growth.

The service offers psychotherapy in the form of individual or group therapy for a wide range of problems, including: anxiety disorders, depression, stress disorder,post traumatic stress disorder eating disorders, sleep disorder, adolescent psychiatric problems,personality disorders, psychosomatic diseases et al. Moreover, the new hospital are to conduct advanced psychometric tests and are designed to “measure” an individual’s level of psychological health, to assist with understanding underlying emotional functioning and to assist with the diagnosis of certain disorders. We also offer sand play therapy and biofeedback therapy.

The hospital is composed of the following six parts:

Outpatient services: a comprehensive range of therapeutic services, with appropriate support at all treatment levels: common service, special-demands service, namely, menu service.

Ward Services: in-patient psychotherapy, including psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, family therapy, couple therapy, psychological play, Morita therapy, hypnotic therapy and physical and skills training et al, if necessary, plus pharmaceutical therapy or in combination with other methods. We always keep this in-patient mode abreast of the latest international development in this field, occupy the leading position domestically.

Training Center: We will continue cooperating closely with international and domestical advanced psychotherapy organization, introducing the most advanced therapy theories and the most pragmatic psychotherapy technology into Wuhan. The hospital is also dedicated to training professionals in psychological counseling and therapy.

Crisis Intervention Center: The center offers free counseling service, available from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. We also provide immediate field crisis intervention under such condition—sudden casualties, natural disaster, suicide et al.

Psychological Health Research Center: The center will focus on localization of psychotherapy, cultural influence to individual’s personality, relationship between family nurture and adolescents’ psychological development, basic and applied research about posttraumatic stress disorder and eating disorder and other hot topics.
Training Base for Postgraduates: Our goal is to train students who are capable of applying psychological theory, research methodology, and clinical skills to complex clinical problems and diverse populations. Therefore, the base emphasized on linking theory and practice, all attendants will be informed by the reflective scientist practitioner philosophy of integrated training in research methods, academic knowledge and clinical experience.

Always harnessing the conscientious, pragmatic and Scientific Spirit, every employee here will throw themselves into profoundly and ultimately solving the psychological problems. Wuhan hospital for Psychotherapy will continue carrying out the human-oriented policy, emphasizing human care, throbbing with the pulse of the time and as a iron-guard, protecting the people from psychological troubles as far as possible.



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