Notes for a Paper on Metaphor by Jacob Arlow

Click Here to Read:  Notes for a Paper on Metaphor by Jacob Arlow.

Click Here to Read:  Some Historical Observations on the Origin of Psychoanalytic Curriculum by Jacob Arlow on this website.

Click Here to Read: Review of Philosophy in the Flesh: The embodied mind and its challenge to Western thought By George Lakoff and Mark Johnson on this website.

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One Comment on “Notes for a Paper on Metaphor by Jacob Arlow”

  1. Henry Lothane Says:

    I commend International Psychoanalysis for making Jacob Arlow’s texts available.

    Arlow was very special to me over the years. He read and spoke Hebrew and used Hebrew quotes in his presentations, accompanied by an expressive wink. His ideas had affinity to Otto Isakower’s analyzing instrument and to Bertram Lewin’s ideas about the dream. When I was a candidate, he granted my request to be my supervisor. The powers that be decreed otherwise.

    A few months before he died I visited him in his home in Great Neck and we talked about many themes in psychoanalysis. In the midst of our conversation, seemingly coming from nowhere, he said spontaneously: he had only regretted one thing, the time and energy he had spent dealing with administrative matters.

    Henry Lothane

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