Greed: Sex, Money, Power and Politics Book

                                                                    Elizabeth Ronis                                Leslie Shaw
  Click Here to Read: Leslie Shaw’s Foreword to the Book Greed: Sex, Money, Power and Politics.

Click Here to Read:  The Table of Contents and Bios of Contibutors from the Book:  Greed: Sex, Money, Power and Politics, edited by Elizabeth Ronis and Leslie Shaw

Click Here to Order:   The Book on

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One Comment on “Greed: Sex, Money, Power and Politics Book”

  1. LakeWorthCane Says:

    Fascinatin’ stuff, is Shaw’s foreward. I’m no psychoanalyst (although I’ve supported several, and a few MSWs and psychiatrists, over the years) and could only discuss the attendant field as an observer. However, Shaw’s description of how the science has been and continues to be commandeered, abused and applied to perverse ends by business and politics is . . . well, I’ll say it’s information everybody should have.

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