Who Was Karen Horney?

Click Here to Read: Who Was Karen Horney? How Her Ideas Can Help Clinical Practice By Douglas H. Ingram, MD in the Psychiatric Times on February 28, 2012.

Karen Horney

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One Comment on “Who Was Karen Horney?”

  1. henry lothane Says:

    Karen Horney’s ideas were cited by Freud in the Standard Edition. However, because she became a neo-Freudian, i.e., a heretic from Freud’s libido theory, was kicked out of NYPI in 1940, just as Adler in 1911 or Jung in 1913. Both Horney and Schultz-Hencke, another analyst with neo-Freudian ideas but who never reneged on Freud, were members of the Berlin Insitute. S.-H. was kicked out of the IPA in 1949, thanks to behind the scenes politics of Müller-Braunschweig and Leo Bartemeier. In 1934 Wilhelm Reich was kicked out after Freud urged his faithful followers to rid him of Reich and S.-H. In 1956 another famous neo-Freudian, Erich Fromm, was also kicked out of the IPA, according to Paul Roazen, by Anna Freud.

    It is a long history of wars between “the Catholics” and “the Protestants” of the psychoanalytic movement. As Arnold Richards suggests, we should become ecumenical and admit the AIP into the IPA.

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