Arthur & Lourdes Lynch’s Powerpoints from Wuhan, China

Click here to Read:  Lourdes Lynch’s Powerpoint on Child Development from Wuhan, China.

Click Here to Read:  Arthur Lynch’s Klein and Winnicott Wuhan Powerpoint.

Click Here to Read: A rthur Lynch’s Freud powerpoint from Wuhan, China.

Introduction by Arthur Lynch

Visiting and teaching in Wuhan was an exceptional experience.  To give some back groundWuhan, the capital of theHubeiprovince, is one of the largest cities inChinaand was ranked by National Geographic as the tenth largest city in the world.  With its 3,500-year-long history, Wuhan is one of the China’s oldest and civilized cities, older than Beijing, Xi’an and Nanjing. It is known as a central hub for political, economic, financial, cultural, and educational activity and has retained the name of “Water City” because it lies between the Yangtze and Han rivers resulting in beautiful natural landscape. In China, Wuhan ranks fourth in population and third in academic science and technology.

Teaching in Wuhan was an exciting project.  The students’ days were structured in three segments with an optional experience.  In the morning they would hear a lecture, the bulk of which are being put on the blog.  After a brief lunch they would break into supervision groups of 20 or more students and present cases in a format previously determined.  The supervision went from 2:00 to 5:15 and could accommodate two or three cases.  As anyone familiar with groups might imagine, they started out slowly with people turning more to the group leader but this quickly transformed into an excited involvement. In the evening, the participants would return for another lecture.  During the supervision time some students would step out for a “personal life experience” meeting with an analyst for a session.

Lourdes and I presented material on object relations theory and child development – borrowing from the work on toxic stress by the “Center on the Developing Child” at Harvard University. Lourdes Lynch’s power point is above, Arthur Lynch’s powerpoint to follow in a later post.

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