Slum Children in Brazil: How they feel about Parents

Click here to read “Playing with Brazilian Street Children: a pilot study using narrative story stem” by Dr. M. Leticia Castrechini F. Franieck; Prof. Dr. Michael Günter University of Tübingen-Germany.

Dr. Franieck has been studying three groups of Brazilian slum children: homeless street kids; those in shanties and those living away from their abusive families.  In a poignant study, she shows how these children remain emotionally connected (for better and worse) to their parents. She uses the MacArthur story-telling technique. Bear with the methodology, as what she has to teach us about disenfranchised children is valuable.

(This was presented at the 2012 World Association of Infant Mental Health meeting in South Africa.)

N. Szajnberg, MD, Managing Editor

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2 Comments on “Slum Children in Brazil: How they feel about Parents”

  1. Roosevelt Cassorla Says:

    I recommend this work. It’s very interesting. A great idea and a great paper.

  2. Roosevelt Cassorla Says:

    It’s an interesting idea to compare such so different populations. I know the paper and recommend it as a kind of necessary research.

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