Tarasoff reporting may increase acts of Homicide: an Economic analysis


Click Here to Read:Doing their duty: An empirical analysis of the unintended effect of Tarasoff v Regents on homicidal activity by Griffin Sims Edwards. Thanks to Paul Mosher for this link.



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One Comment on “Tarasoff reporting may increase acts of Homicide: an Economic analysis”

  1. The unintended consequences of Tarasoff | inkblot. Says:

    […] International Psychoanalysis recently linked to a 2010 paper by economics professor Griffin Edwards on the potential unintended consequences of this system. Edwards estimates an 8.9% increase in homicides due to the Tarasoff mandate. This would suggest that in addition to its expected inhibiting effect on patient rights, the law has failed in its express purpose to increase public safety, as well. […]

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