Vygotsky and Luria


Click Here to Read:  Vygotsky, Luria, and the Social Brain by Charles Fernyhough.

This article originally appeared as Fernyhough, C. (2010).  Vygotsky, Luria, and the Social Brain in Self- and Social-Regulation : Exploring the Relationship between Social Interaction, Social Cognition, and the Development of Executive Functions, eds. B Sokol. U. Muller, J. Carpendale,  A. Young, G. Iarocci. Oxford:  Oxford University Press and appears here with all requisite rights and permissions.


Lev Vygotsky                     Alexander Luria


Click Here to Read:   Introduction to the Russian Translation of Beyond the Pleasure Principle by Lev Vytgotsky and Alexander Luria.


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