Chapter 3: Letters of 1952–1953

Holt & Luborsky 58








Robert R. Holt and Lester B. Luborsky, 1958. Taken at time of publication of Personality Patterns of Psychiatrists. (click to enlarge)


Topics Discussed:

  • • Rapaport’s memories from arrival in U.S., his first job, and his first years at Menninger’s
  • • Holt-Luborsky book Personality Patterns of Psychiatrists
  • • Problems of selecting persons for training in psychiatry and psychoanalysis

Rapaport’s informal, often caustic comments about his first encounters with American psychiatrists and his first colleagues and the account of his early struggles make fascinating reading.

Rapaport to Holt, December 1952

Rapaport to Holt, December 16, 1952

Rapaport to Holt, January 22, 1953

Holt to Rapaport, May 21, 1953

Rapaport to Holt, May 26, 1953

Summary of minor letters from first half of 1953

Rapaport to Holt, July 28, 1953

Rapaport to Holt, August 27, 1953

Holt to Rapaport, September 11, 1953

Summary of minor letters from last half of 1953

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