Unpublished Papers by Jacob Arlow


Click Here to Read:  Psychoanalysis and Folklore by Jacob Arlow on this website

Click Here to Read:  Rationalization as Resistance by Jacob Arlow on this website.

Click Here to Read: The Development of Psychoanalytic Concept of Masochism on this website.

Click Here to Read:  Reflections on Freud’s “Analysis: Terminable and interminable” After Fifty Years by Jacob Arlow on This website.

Click Here to Read:  All of the unpublished papers by Jacob Arlow on this website.

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One Comment on “Unpublished Papers by Jacob Arlow”

  1. szajnberg Says:

    Arlow confounds fairy talks and folk tales and fables.
    psychologically different constructs and differences in literary histories.
    e.g. fairy tales are transmitted orally over eons; capture basic existential dilemmas (e.g. red riding hood; puss and boots; hansel and gretel; sheherezade). they dont’ have explicit moralizing.

    Fables carry moral endings, often explicit. Kids get it; don’t particularly like the superego quality of that (the fox and the grapes)

    individually-authored stories carry the strong taint of the author: e.g. hans christian anderson’s deep depression (the little match girl) or Sendak’s concerns about oral greed.

    That’s the short version.

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