Thomas Szasz, Relentless Freedom Fighter, Dead at 92


Click Here to Read:  Thomas Szasz, Relentless Freedom Fighter, Dead at 92  by Jacob Sullum on the website on   September 11, 2012.

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One Comment on “Thomas Szasz, Relentless Freedom Fighter, Dead at 92”

  1. jane s. hall Says:

    I remember reading Thomas Szasz years ago and his ideas influenced me greatly and I believe it helped my patients. The idea of labeling a human being does irreparable harm for it skews the therapists’ perception of that individual. Diagnosis boxes a person in which impedes growth. Anna Freud in the adult profile pointed out that the diagnosis could only come at the end of analysis. Even bi polar disorder which does require medication is being over used in my experience. And psychosis can be alleviated with meds but these illnesses require and respond to talk therapy as well. Psychoanalysis in the United States has been medicalized to the degree that it supports big pharma. Certain drugs are necessary but the situation has spiraled out of control. Thomas Szasz made an important contribution to the mental health field

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