The twilight of the training analysis system by Otto F. Kernberg

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Click Here to Read:  The twilight of the training analysis system by  Otto F. Kernberg.  The link above will take you to the Psychoanalytic Review website where you will find a link to Dr. Kernberg’s paper.

This article originally appeared as:  Kernerg, Otto F.  (2014),    The twilight of the training analysis system. Psychoanalytic Review  101(2):151-74 and appears here with all requisite rights and permissions.

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2 Comments on “The twilight of the training analysis system by Otto F. Kernberg”

  1. jane s. hall Says:

    This paper by a highly esteemed analyst/educator/theoretician/clinician calls for the abolishment of both the ta system and BOPS. I was present when Dr. Kernberg delivered it and heard the appreciation and enthusiasm of the audience. There was a long standing ovation. But nothing happened. In fact a law suit was filed to perpetuate the status quo based on arcahic by laws. I have re read this article several times. I find it amazing that these challenging words of wisdom have not been at the top of agendas at individual institutes and also on the agendas of the BOPS and the Executive council of APsaA. How can an association in so much trouble not take seriously the advice given by discussing it thoroughly? I do not expect an immediate magical change because of these suggestions altho I wish for one, but I do expect a thorough examination of these ideas. Not many in this field can measure up to Dr Kernberg’s experience in political terms and in clinical terms. What does it say about a membership that shows no sign of reacting in the public forum or in our journals to one of the most foresighted articles they have been presented with?. Is it the fear factor I see so clearly? What do the candidates think while reading or hearing these important ideas offered over a year ago. It seems very unwise, even tragic to let these groundbreaking suggestions be ignored. I suggest that the candidate organization who has the most to gain or to lose study this article along with the history of the APsaA because they will shape the future. If we members cannot begin a major reevaluation and renovation of education, the theories that inform clinical analysis, and structure of governance, it falls to the candidates to demand the best by urging their leaders to act. The judges could not solve our problems due to by-laws that are unwiedly and that perpetuate a bicameral organization. Is that elitism and exclusionary atmosphere that you prefer? I sure hope not, for your sakes.

  2. Richard M. Waugaman, M.D. Says:

    Thank you for making the text of this thoughtful article available. I hope this will begin a new trend!

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