Connecting Empirical Science and Qualitative Psychoanalytic Data with Howard Shevrin


Click Here to Read:  Connecting Empirical   Science and Qualitative Psychoanalytic  Data with Howard Shevrin at the  Discussion Group 12: Research on the Relation of Psychoanalysis and Neuroscience: Clinical Meaning and Empirical Science  at the APsaA Meetings in Chicago  on June 6, 2014 from 2:30 to 4:30 PM.

Click Here to Read:  Psychology Sunday: Howard Shevrin on this website.

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One Comment on “Connecting Empirical Science and Qualitative Psychoanalytic Data with Howard Shevrin”

  1. Charles Fisher Says:

    The series of experiments reported by Howard Shevrin meet the challenge posed by Professor Adolf Grunbaum to demonstrate a causal relationship between unconscious psychological conflict and psychopathology, based on the function of repression, using methods from outside clinical psychoanalysis, thus avoiding the “circularity of many psychoanalytic explanations.” These findings also extend the reach of neuroscience “into the realm of personal, psychological meaning,” and support the utility of combining psychoanalytic and neuroscience methods.

    Shevrin’s most recent paper makes use of methods in psychoanalytic theory, cognitive science, and neuroscience. It makes significant contributions in each of these domains, while simultaneously situating psychoanalysis within the philosophy of science and the philosophy of mind. In sum, the research reported here is a tour de force that alters our ability to experience and study a very important conceptual terrain.

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