Troeltsch in Context


Click Here to Read:  Troeltsch in Context by Constance L. Benson.

This Article originally appeared as Bemson, Constance L. (2002). Troeltsch in Context.  British Journal  of the History of Philosophy 10(4): 653-664 and appears here with all requisite rights and permissions.

Note from Brian D’Agustino: Anti-Semitism in American academia has a long history.  Constance L. Benson is a religion scholar who exposed anti-Semitic skeletons in the closet of an eminent Protestant thinker, Ernst Troeltsch, and was ambushed in her 1992 doctoral defense at Columbia University and Union Theological Seminary.  Her research was eventually vindicated in the British Journal for the History of Philosophy (see the article above), but to this day she never got her Ph.D.


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