Writer’s Wednesday: Primo Levi


Click here to Read: Primo Levi on Wikipedia.

Click Here to Read: Understanding Primo Levi, Auschwitz survivor: The Italian writer bore witness to the Holocaust and strived to be understood the rest of his life by Alessandra Bastagli on the Aljazeera website on January 27, 2015.

Click Here to Read: Primo Levi’s Last Moments by Diego Gambetta in the Boston Review on June 01, 1999.

Click Here to Read: In previously unknown letter, Primo Levi explains the Holocaust to a young girl: ‘Rather than accusing them of cruelty, I would accuse the Germans of these days of selfishness, of being indifferent and intentionally ignorant.’ By Anna Momigliano on the Haaretz website on January 27, 2015.

Click Here to Read: Remains to Be Transmitted Primo Levi’s Traumatic Dream by J.J Blévis Translated from the French by J.R. Hanson on the Apres-Coup.org website.

Click Here to Read: Primo Levi’s Universe: A Writer’s Journey By Sam Magavern
on the GoogleBooks website.

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