A Taste of Systems-Psychodynamic Thought and Experience: Managing Ourselves in Our Multiple Roles in Turbulent Times at IPTAR

IPTAR: The L.J.Gould Center for Systems-Psychoanalytic Studies
Workshop: A Taste of Systems-Psychodynamic Thought and Experience: Managing Ourselves in Our Multiple Roles in Turbulent Times

Four Fridays: October 16,23,30 and November 6, 2015 — 11:30 to 1:30 PM
IPTAR West Conference Room — 140 W. 97TH Street NYC
Registration: iptar.org/LJGouldCtrWorkshop — Questions? Contact: joecancelmo@gmail.com

Focus & Learning Objectives: This workshop will introduce participants to practical applications of psychoanalytic ideas that will help us become more effective in our roles in our lives and professions, and the organizations and systems we inhabit. These skills are most critical during this time of intense social media and rapid technological change that often demands adaptation beyond the scope and skill set of existing roles.

We will draw on key concepts in the Systems-Psychoanalytic field, which are rooted in the works of Bion, Klein and Freud. These core ideas are used in rich applications in Organizational Consultation, Socio-Analysis, and Group Relations. They greatly deepen our understanding of our multiple roles and intervening in organizational tensions while encouraging growth and development in individuals and groups. We will also carefully consider ways that basic differences in our culture have become disparities that constrain our roles and can thwart organizational functioning.

Design: Each workshop meeting will connect and build upon the other; each week we will read related material and view video clips to help our discussion and work together before each session. The participants and course leaders together will put our learning into action understanding roles and the groups and systems that we live in. The specific topics and learning objectives of this workshop are:

An overview of the history, key concepts and evolving Systems-Psychoanalytic field

How role and our multiple roles can interact and construct our behavior in systems and organizations as consultants, clinicians and clients.

How differences in race, gender, culture, class etc. projected onto roles can become deep disparities which restrict our ability to work and collaborate in the systems we live and engage.

How our intensely changing, digitized technology is transforming our roles, identities and organizational systems.


Kathleen Pogue White, PhD is Principal, Pogue White Consultancy, a psychoanalyst who applies the core knowledge and principles to her multi-sector work in organizational consultation, executive coaching and leadership development. Kathy is a Chair of The L.J. Gould Center’s Program in Organizational Consultancy and Executive Coaching at the Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research (IPTAR).

Dahlia Radley-Kingsley, MBA, MA consults in organizational, management development, and executive coaching. She provides advisory services globally to senior executive teams, Family Businesses, and Fortune 500 companies. Dahlia has also facilitated courses at IPTAR’s Organizational Consultation Training Program, Wharton and at Harvard Business School and is chair of The L.J.Gould Center’s Monthly Case Conference.

Joseph A. Cancelmo, Psy.D., FIPA is Past President, Training and Supervising Psychoanalyst (Fellow) and Faculty member of IPTAR, Fellow of the IPA, and a school/clinical psychologist and has a background in Marketing Research and Management. Joe is Chair of The L.JG.ould Center for Systems-Psychoanalytic Studies, and is in private practice in NYC with adolescents, adults, couples and in consultancy with executives and organizations.

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