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With great pleasure, the China American Psychoanalytic Alliance (CAPA) announces that graduates of our four year psychoanalytic psychotherapy training program have now begun FULL DISTANCE Psychoanalytic Training at the following institutes

Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis: s currently training three candidates living in three different Chinese cities and one candidate living in Chicago.
Baltimore-Washington Institute for Psychoanalysis: is training one candidate living in China.

William Alanson White Institute: Institute is training one candidate who completed a year of training in New York, now continuing the training from China via distance learning, and another candidate presently residing in New York.

Several other institutes are now actively considering Full Distance Psychoanalytic Training for CAPA graduates.

This year there will be 43 CAPA Graduate eligible to apply for Distance Training for the 2016 academic year. Most of them have been in analysis with APsaA Analysts for several years. Not all will apply, but a significant number will do so. We hope other APsaA institutes will avail themselves of the opportunity to train these devoted, experienced, well-educated and English-speaking students.

Contact me directly for more information Elise Snyder, President CAPA

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