Writer’s Wednesday: Thomas Mann


Click Here to Read: Thomas Mann on Wikipedia.

Click Here to Read:  Thomas Mann – Biographical on the Noble Prize.org website.

Click Here to Read:  Thomas Mann Dies at 80; Novelist Won Nobel Prize By The Associated Press in The New York Times on August 13, 1955.

Click Here to Read:   Winter reads: The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann: This classic novel of career invalids snowbound in the Swiss Alps is much more fun than its reputation suggests by Wayne Gooderham on the Guardian Website on December 14, 2011.

Click Here to Read:  Thomas Mann News in The New York Times on December 26, 2012.

Click Here to Read: To the Magic Mountain! by Sally McGrane in The New Yorker on February 17, 2014,

Click Here to Read: The Earthier Side of the Buddenbrooks By Theodore Ziolkowski on The New York Times on April 18, 1993.

Click Here to Read: Sixty Years of Thomas Mann’s Doctor Faustus* by Ulrich Grothu on the Logos Journal website.

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