Philosophy Thursday: Avicenna


Click Here to Read: Avicenna on Wikipedia.

Click Here to Read: Avicenna (Ibn Sina) (c. 980—1037) on the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Click Here to Read: AVICENNA on the Greek Medicine website.

Click Here to Read: The Place of Avicenna in the History of Medicine by Jamal Moosavi in the Journal of Medical Biotechnology 2009 Apr-Jun; 1(1): 3–8.

Click Here to Read: AVICENNA x. Medicine and Biology In the works of Avicenna, the two great traditions,Galen and Aristotle, intersected. Avicenna wrote the medieval textbook of Galenic medicine the Qānūn (the Canon), as well as the central medieval statement of Aristotelian biology (the Ḥayawān, the biological section of the Šefāʾ) on the Encyclopedia Iranica website.

Click Here to Read:  IBN SINA (AVICENNA) on the Muslim Philosophy Online website.

Click here to Read: Contribution of Ibn Sina to the development of Earth Sciences by Munim Al-Rawi on the Muslim Heritage website.

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