History Friday: John Forrester


Click Here to Read:  John Forrester (historian) on Wikipedia.

Click Here to Read: Professor John Forrester: Philosopher and historian widely celebrated for his work on Sigmund Freud and much-loved as an inspiring teacher: Forrester was a scholar and teacher of astonishing warmth and inexhaustible enthusiasm by Simon Schaffer on the Independent Website on November 25, 2015.

Click Here to Read: Professor John Forrester (25 August 1949 – 24 November 2015) on the University of Cambridge website.

Click Here to Read:  On Kuhn’s Case: Psychoanalysis and the Paradigm by John Forrester.

Click Here to Read: Origins of Norms: The Place of Value in a World of Nature,  A Philoctetes Roundtable discussion featuring Akeel Bilgrami, Lorraine Daston, Gerald Edelman, John Forrester, Lawrence Friedman, Anne Harrington, and Joel Snyder.

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