The Lapwing’s Nest: On James Joyce


Click Here to Read: The Lapwing’s Nest: On James Joyce by Michael Kildea.

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6 Comments on “The Lapwing’s Nest: On James Joyce”

  1. Kevin Kildea Says:

    Nice one!



  2. Tamar Schwartz Says:

    Comment on from Eugene Mahon:

    “Kildea’s literary tour de force confirms the idea that Joyce’s stream of consciousness and Freud’s free associative stream of unconsciousness spring from a most similar if not the actual same source. This is not to suggest that Joyce’s wild genius for aesthetic free association is anything short of miraculous or that the average mortal, even intoxicated, could ever keep up with him. And yet Kildea has traveled far into the thickets of Joyce’s mind and been generous enough to invite us along for the joyride. Lapwing, Swan, Heron, Lazarus, Vincent de Paul, voglio, Vogel, Leonardo, and the ingeniously comic reference to Frank Budgen as budgerigar! Wow! What a ride! And it all fits together thanks to the rigor of scholarship. If a net can be defined as a collection of holes surrounded by string this marvelous piece of literary detective work shows how a string of words can hold all the holes of Joyce’s elusive meanings together in a net of beauty even as they attempt to slip away!
    Bravo Kildea. Shem the Penman would be proud of you.”
    Eugene Mahon

  3. Safia Moore Says:

    What a remarkable piece of analysis and insight. I was nodding continuously throughout this excellent study by Michael Kildea. More on Joyce in the future please!

  4. Kevin Kildea Says:

    So you were right, Mick. Ulysses is a hoax! I’ve read and reread your piece. Stunning.

  5. Michael Brady Says:

    Brillant and Illuminating observations from Michael Kildea. This completely changes the way people will understand Ulysses.

  6. Angie Hardy Says:

    Why aren’t any Joyceans commenting on this?
    You certainly have a good insight into Ulysses, Michael.

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