Clinical and Observational Psychoanalytic Research


Click Here to Read:  Clinical and Observational Psychoanalytic Research: Roots of a Controversy: André Green & Daniel Stern  edited by Joseph Sandler, Anna-Marie Sandler, Rosemary Davies , Reviewed By Andrew Gerber in the Division 39 Newsletter, Summer 2002, 67-70.

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2 Comments on “Clinical and Observational Psychoanalytic Research”

  1. Tamar Schwartz Says:

    Comment from Robert Besner:

    Arnie thanks, I enjoyed reading André Green’s rebuttals to arguments about psychoanalytic research—especially Green’s statement (in the review you linked) that: conscious and unconscious can never be integrated into the same model. “I will not commit suicide,” Green declares. What might he mean by this?

    My fantasy:
    If we dare look through the opposite end of the research microscope, both conscious and unconscious can expand to infinity… and keep going (sic). I hear Green saying that anything less than respecting infinite possibilities, (the infinite unknown variables of conscious/unconscious, as they proceed in the psychoanalytic couple)… is a kind of suicide, a foreclosure, preempting. To collapse or reduce either or both, and squeeze them into a research paradigm, is to commit a murder that Green cannot abide.
    “Is it better to die for truth and integrity or live a lie? The death of Socrates is an epiphany.” (sensitive self p.42) (and Socrates does not exude paranoia).
    The master researcher still doesn’t abide the importance of ‘unknowing’ and asks:
    “Well then… can we not construct a science of infinity, of infinite possibility,”? we are working on algorithms for that!
    Mystic: are there algorithms for quality, sense, intimation, shade, nuance, love? Can you smell a digital rose on your screen? If you could, would that rose be ‘real’ without infinite nuance? How might we tell if my sense of its smell be the ‘same’ as another’s?
    Researcher: our computers are working on the math as we speak… some day we’ll be able to quantify all that.
    The mystic analyst Bion replies: “I thought F in O and T in O had already conveyed “all that”… those letters are a shorthand for another sort of science.”
    Researcher: “that sounds like a hermeneutics… we need a traditional, verifiable science model, because it would be superior. Your cell phone and modern medicine are evidence of that.”
    Mystic: you’ll have to convince oxygen and hydrogen of the importance of your brand of science. Even in the physical universe, emergent properties are not predictable. When those two buoyant little gases were very young… they found each other… fell in love… started dancing, and gave birth to water. Little did they Know…

    “Mastery and mystery… we have an infinite hunger for both.” (Psychotic Core)

  2. Tamar Schwartz Says:

    Comment from Michael Eigen

    In a post Jan 22 on Kabbalah and Psychoanalysis and anxiety about official APA clinical paradigms, I noted,

    In Image, Sense, Infinities… I write of remarks by Andre Green, after speaking at a psychology meeting in the U.S., wondering where the psyche was – heading for extinction? Well, so much to say, so many threads to pull on, premature fear of evacuating the psyche perhaps.

    Mass psychic suicide? Never!
    Although in some ways, it may be a work in progress.

    m. eigen

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