History Friday: Yehuda Bauer


Click  Here to Read: Yehuda Bauer on Wikipedia.

Click Here to View: International Conference on Genocide Prevention – Yehuda Bauer on Vimeo.

Click Here to Read: Sounds of Silence: A Holocaust historian examines the challenge of writing about the Nazi genocide Review of Rethinking the Holocaust by Yehuda Bauer, Reviewed by Morris Dickstein in The New York Times on January 28, 2001.

Click Here to Read: Chapter One of Rethinking the Holocaust By Yehuda Bauer reprinted in The New York Times.

Click Here to Read:  History Professor Yehuda Bauer: ‘Netanyahu Doesn’t Know History’: Even though the PM is the son of a historian, reads a great deal and is extraordinarily intelligent, he is not a gifted strategist, says Bauer in major interview by Dalia Karpel on the Ha’aretz website on February 21, 2013.

Click Here to Read:  Yehuda Bauer, Historian of the Holocaust (Part 1) Portrait of an Historian in the Dimensions Online Journal of Holocaust Studies in Volume 18, No.1 / Fall 2004.

Click Here to Read:  Yehuda Bauer: ‘No great victory for Israel’: The Israeli historian and Holocaust scholar Yehuda Bauer explains why he believes Israel’s policy toward Hamas is totally mistaken. He also tells DW how he feels when Germans criticize Israel on the DW website.

Click Here to Read and Listen to: Yehuda Bauer: Israel’s genocidal nationalists: As tensions grow between ultra-Orthodox Jews and the Israeli state, the scholar discusses Jewish identity and extremism Talk to Al Jazeera on January 8, 2012.

Click Here to Read: Professor Yehuda Bauer of the International Institute for Holocaust Research on the Yad Vashem.or website.

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