History Friday: Roy Foster


Click Here to Read: R. F. Foster (historian) on Wikipedia.

Click Here to Read: Interpreter of myths by Andrew Brown on the Guardian website on September 12, 2003.

Click Here to View: The Writing Lives Series: Colm Tóibín and Roy Foster in Conversation at Heyman Center for the Humanities on YouTube.

Click Here to Read: Interview with the historian Roy Foster on the Cargo Collective website in December 2010.

Click Here to Read: Vivid Faces: The Revolutionary Generation in Ireland 1890-1923 by RF Foster, Reviewed by
John Kerrigan on the Guardian website on October 10, 2014.

Click Here to Read: 300 Years Of The ‘Troubles’ Modern Ireland 1600-1972. By R. F. Foster, Reviewed By Andrew M. Greeley in The New York Times on June 4, 1989.

Click Here to Read: Master of Exceptions, Review of Workers: Worlds of Labor by Eric Hobsbawm, Reviewed by
Roy Foster in the New York Review of Books.

Click Here to Read: INTERVIEW: Professor Roy Foster talks to Daniel Snowman on the Reviews in History Website’

Click Here to Read: Ireland’s getting ready to forget the real Easter Rising: It will be a travesty if the Easter Rising is commemorated with jolly fancy-dress parades and hagiographies of dead heroes, says Roy Foster  on the Spectator website in April 2014.

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