Movies Monday: Reviews of Oscar-Winning Films


Click Here to Read: Mad Max: Fury Road: Depression’s Wasteland: Tyrants That Take Over The Mind By Sandra E.Cohen, Ph.D. (Image from the Coming Soon website).

Click Here to Read: Room: How Does Therapy Find Words For Wordless Trauma? Reviewed By Sandra E. Cohen, Ph.D.

Click Here to Read: SPOTLIGHT: Breaking The Cult Of Secrecy Surrounding Sexual Abuse: Someone To Finally Listen Reviewed by Sandra E. Cohen, Ph.D.

Click Here to Read: Staking A Claim On ‘Son Of Saul’ in the Jewish Week on February 10, 2016.

Click Here to Read: Son of Saul: The director and lead actor of the award-winning Holocaust film are two Jews who are passionate about their people and historyby Judy Gruen on the AISH. com website.

Click Here to Read: One Man’s Testimony: Review of the Movie Son of Saul, reviewed by Bennett Roth.

Click Here to Read: The Revenant: Are we all savages? (And Paolo Sorrentino’s Youth) By Joanne Laurier January 16, 2016.


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