Philosophy Thursday: David Bloor


Click Here to Read: David Bloor on Wikipedia.

Click Here to Read: Science, Technology and Society VI: David Bloor and the Strong Programme in the Sociology of Knowledge by Daniel Halverson on the Partially Examined Life blog on April 8, 2015,

Click Here to Read: The Strong Programme cooled by Roninspoon (idea) by cabin fever on the Everything2 website on March 14 2002.

Click Here to Read:  What is Wrong with Social Studies on Science by Jesper Jerkert,

ClicK Here to View: Week 4 David Bloor The Strong Programme in the Sociology of Knowledge on YouTube.

Click Here to Read:  David Bloor’s “Anti-Latour” and the discussion By Javier de Rivera on his Sociology of Digital Media Blog on November 14, 2013.

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