Psychology Sunday: Malcolm Owen Slavin


Click Here to Read:  Rhode Island Association for Psychoanalytic Psychologies: Presents Malcolm Owen Slavin, Ph.D. Listening to Shahrazad: Can Stories Heal? And If So, How?

Click Here to Read: Malcolm Owen Slavin, PhD “We Need Art So We Do Not Die of the Truth”…Nietzsche, Psychoanalysis, Evolutionary Biology and the Existential Origins of Art and Music on The Atlantic

Click Here to Read: Less Anxious? Thank Your Lucky Genes: Letter to the Editor by Malcolm Owen Slavin in The New York Times on March 13, 2015.

Click Here to Read:  Review of: The Adaptive Design of the Human Psyche: Psychoanalysis, Evolutionary Biology, and the Therapeutic Process by Malcolm Owen Slavin and Daniel Kriegman on the Guildford Press website.

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