Writer’s Wednesday: Edmund Wilson


Click Here to Read: Edmund Wilson on Wikipedia.

Click Here to Read: Who Was Edmund Wilson? America’s Greatest Reader By Joseph Bottum in HUMANITIES, November/December 2008 | Volume 29, Number 6.

Click Here to Read: Articles by and about Edmund Wilson in the New York Review of Books.

Click Here to Read: Missionary: Edmund Wilson and American culture By Louis Menand in The New Yorker in the August 8, 2005 Issue.

Click Here to Read: ‘Edmund Wilson’: American Critic: By Colm Toibin in The New York Times on September 4, 2005.

Click Here to Read: “Patriotic Gore is Not Really Much Like Any Other Book by Anyone”
Revisiting one of the most important and confounding books ever written about the Civil War.
By David Blight on the Slate Website on March 22 2012.

Click Here to Read: The Strange Case of Pushkin and Nabokov by Edmund Wilson in The New York Review of Books in the July 15, 1965 Issue.

Click Here to Read: Ulysses: The New Republic’s review of James Joyce’s Ulysses
by Edmund Wilson in The New Republic on July 5, 1922.

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