Newsletter of the American Institute for Psychoanalysis


Newsletter of the American Institute for Psychoanalysis

Psychoanalytic Training Program

Our psychoanalytic training program continues to attract highly qualified candidates who are enthusiastic about analytic training and have extensive experience in psychodynamic treatment. The psychoanalytic training program has been approved by the American Psychoanalytic Association and the International Psychoanalytic Association and the institute is now a member of both organizations. Our graduates, candidates and psychotherapy students can now become members of these organizations and participate in their committees and functions.

Licensure Qualifying Program in Psychoanalysis

The Institute received approval in October 2014 for its’ program to provide training in psychoanalysis to candidates in with a masters’ degree in any field other than mental health. (i.e. law, English literature, History, etc.) Upon completion of the program these candidates will be eligible to obtain a license as a psychoanalyst in New York State. Our first candidate has completed her first year of academic training and will begin her clinical training at the Karen Horney Clinic. We look forward to having additional licensure qualifying candidates in the future.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Program

The psychodynamic psychotherapy program is a two-year training program providing didactic course work, clinical experience in the Karen Horney Clinic and individual and group supervision. Classes are offered in the evening to accommodate those students with full time employment. The program now also offers continuing education credits for social workers. Many of the students continue to work at the Karen Horney Clinic after completion of the program.

Post –Degree Training Program

This is a two- year half time training program that is offered to students who already have completed their graduate degree in psychology, social work or mental health counseling and are interested in gaining more clinical experience and hours toward licensure. The program is co-sponsored by the Institute and the Karen Horney Clinic. The program has six students in each year and involves course work, and supervised clinical experience. Students attend Friday conferences and scientific meetings, making these events lively and well attended. Upon completion students receive a certificate from the Institute and Clinic. Students go on for further training at the Institute.

Horneyan Guangzhou Psychotherapy Program

We have successfully begun a two- year psychotherapy training program in China. The training involves course work, personal psychotherapy and individual and group supervision. Our faculty or trained psychotherapists or psychoanalysts in China provide the psychotherapy. The courses and supervision take place via the internet. Seven students have completed the first year and are beginning the second year of training. Our program has been very well received in China and we have received a large number of applicants from cities throughout China. We are planning to take as many as fifteen students into the program in January.

Continuing Education Units

Social Workers are now required by New York State to obtain continuing education units to renew their license. The Institute has been approved by the New York State Department of Education to offer continuing education units to social workers. The Institute has sponsored several presentations and workshops that offer these units. These include a presentation on Psychopharmacology for Psychotherapists by Dr. Jeffrey Rubin, Understanding Emotional Communication and Countertransference by Dr. Paul Geltner, as well as a presentation by Dr. Nancy McWilliams entitled Reflections on Individuality and Implications for Psychotherapy. Our courses in the Psychodynamic Psychotherapy also provide continuing education units.

Scientific Meetings

The institute has scheduled five scientific meetings this year. All the presenters have made significant contributions to psychoanalysis and all the meetings will offer continuing education credits to social workers. This year’s presenters include Dr. Mario Rendon, Dr. Leon Hoffman, Dr. Ted Jacobs, Dr. Peter Dunn, Dr. Jack Novick and Kerry Novick. All the scientific meetings will offer continuing education units for social workers.

Web Site

We are very excited about our new website that we expect to go online at the end of the year. The website describes the history and mission of the institute, the training programs, the faculty, the opportunities for clinical experience at the Karen Horney Clinic, publications and presentations by faculty and member, and features a find a therapist section for those interested in psychotherapy or psychoanalysis with therapists or analysts trained at the institute. The website will also have sections for the general public and sections reserved for faculty and members. The web site also enables us to post upcoming events, and receive donations. The design and graphics are quite striking and creative. Take a look when we go live.


The institute is in the process of applying to the office of homeland security to be approved as a student and exchange visiting program certified school. This will allow students from other countries to obtain a student visa to train at the Institute. We hope to complete the application process by the end of the spring semester

Other News of Note

The Karen Horney Clinic has undergone a recent transformation. It has been repainted, new carpet has been ordered, many of the treatment rooms have new couches and chairs and all medical records are done on computers in each room. A sparking new elevator has replaced the old elevator that evoked such mix of dread and awe that such an old antique was still functioning, albeit precariously. We owe a great deal of gratitude to Dr. Henry Paul, the Executive Director of the Clinic for maintaining the financial stability of the clinic and for it’s commitment to long term psychoanalytic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis training and treatment.

Results of Election of Officers and Committee Members

At the May 15, 2016 annual meeting the following officers were elected or appointed:

President Art Lynch, PhD

Director of Academic Affairs Ken Winarick, PhD

Members of the Membership Committee

Tivona Biegen, LCSW-R

Hannah Emmerich, LCSW

Gesine Sauter, LMHC

Members of the Ethical Practices and Grievance Committee

Carolyn Ezrin, LMHC

Melinda Gallagher, LMHC

Douglas Ingram, MD

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