Holocaust Remembrance Day January 26, 2017

Click Here to Read: On Holocaust Remembrance Day: What could be enough? by Ron Grossman in the Chicago Tribune on May 4, 3016.

Click Here to Read: On Holocaust Remembrance Day, anti-Semitism Remains a Scourge by by Michael M. Rosen in The National Review on May 4, 2016.

Click Here to Read: Life stories of the six survivors to light torches on Holocaust Remembrance Day The central theme for this year’s ceremony is “Everything is Forbidden to Us, and Yet We do Everything”: The Struggle to Maintain the Human Spirit during the Holocaust by Ilana Curiel and Reut Rimerman on the Ynet News website on May 2, 2016.

Click Here to Read: Yom HaShoah 2016: Remembering the 6 million Jewish people killed during the Nazi Holocaust By Amy Willis on the  Metro website on May 4, 2016.

Click Here to Read:  On Holocaust Remembrance Day, Israel’s needy survivors still suffer by Shira Rubin in USA TODAY on May 4, 2016.

Click Here to Read:  Jasvanovac: Some Roma Poetry for Holocaust Remembrance Day By Paul Bradbury on the Total Croatia News Website on May 3, 2016.

Click Here to Read: Mayor proclaims Holocaust Remembrance Day By Melissa Hodges on the WALB News website on May 3rd 2016.

Click Here to Read:  Seventieth Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz on the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Website.

Click Here to Read: A journey to Auschwitz with Renee by Amanda Borschel-Dan in the Times of Israel on January 22, 2015,

Click Here to Read:  The voices of Auschwitz:The 70th anniversary of the liberation of the notorious Nazi concentration camp could mark the last major commemoration for many Holocaust survivors Written by Anthony Faiola, Ruth Eglash,and Michelle Boorstein in The Washington Post on January 23, 2015. Included in this article are the memories of Anna Ornstein, noted psychoanalyst.

Click Here to View:  Light a Candle in Memory of the Children of the Holocaust on the Next Generation to Holocaust and Heroism page on Facebook.

Click Here to Read: Israeli Historian Otto Dov Kulka Tells Auschwitz Story of a Czech Family That Never Existed: Why Holocaust accounts—and their fictions or omissions—can be a threat to the history of a complicated, tragic human reality By Anna Hájková on the Tablet website on October 30, 2014.

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