Psychology Sunday: Daniel Kahneman

Click Here to Read: Daniel Kahneman on Wikipedia.

Click Here to Read: The riddle of experience vs. memory Ted Talk by Daniel Kahneman on the Ted Talks website on filmed in Feburary 2010.

Click Here to Read:  Two Brains Running By Jim Holt in the New York Times on November. 25, 2011.

Click Here to Read: Daniel Kahneman: ‘What would I eliminate if I had a magic wand? Overconfidence’ The psychologist and bestselling author of Thinking, Fast and Slow reveals his new research and talks about prejudice, fleeing the Nazis, and how to hold an effective meeting by David Shariatmadari on the Guaridan website on July 18, 2015.

Click Here to Read: Daniel Kahneman changed the way we think about thinking. But what do other thinkers think of him? Thinking, Fast and Slow was a global bestseller, and had a profound impact on psychology and economics, as these tributes from other leading figures show by Steven Pinker on the Guardian website on February 16, 2014.

Click Here to Read:  The King of Human Erro: Billy Beane’s sports-management revolution, chronicled by the author in Moneyball, was made possible by Israeli psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky. At 77, with his own new book, Thinking, Fast and Slow, the Nobel Prize-winning Kahneman reveals the built-in kinks in human reasoning—and he’s Exhibit A by Michael Lewis in Vanity Fair in the December 2011 Issue.

Click Here to Read:   On Kahnman: A Reality Club Discussion on the Work of Daniel Kahneman [3.27.14] Introduction by John Brockman on the Edge website on April 9, 2017

Click Here to Read and View:   DANIEL KAHNEMAN Nobel Prize-Winning Psychologist Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Princeton University on the Big Think website.

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