The New Mirror: The Influence of Technology on the Psychological Theory and Clinical Practice at IPTAR

IPTAR PRESENTS: THE NEW MIRROR: The Influence of Technology on the Psychological Theory and Clinical Practice

“Because the essence of technology is nothing technological, essential reflection upon technology and decisive confrontation with it must happen in a realm that is, on the one hand, akin to the essence of technology and, on the other hand, fundamentally different from it.”
— Martin Heidegger, “Question Concerning Technology”
Saturday, June 3, 9:30 am-5pm, Sunday, June 4, 9:30 am-noon

Jama Adams, PhD, Alison Brown, PhD, Alex Kriss, PhD,, Janice Lieberman, PhD, Ellen Luborsky, PhD, Michael Mance, PhD, Jared Russell, PhD, Isaac Tylim, PsyD

Learning Objectives

1. To explore the essence of technology and how it affects human relatedness.

2. To understand the positive and negative impact of technology on psychological theory and practice.

3. To analyze technology’s paradoxical aspects of enhancement and destruction.

4. To investigate how technology creates an illusion of intimacy.

5. To examine the addictive aspects of technology.



General Admission: $ 100

With 6 CE Credits: $ 125

Students and Candidates: $ 50


IPTAR Conference Room

1651 Third Avenue, Suite 205

Program Committee: Jeanne Even (chair), Judy Ann Kaplan, Susan Berger, Carolyn Ellman, Eva Atsalis, Anna Fishzon, Bruce Reis, Masha Mimran, Steven Ellman

A PDF of the conference poster is attached.

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