Psychology Sunday: David M. Buss

Click Here to Read: David M. Buss on Wikipedia.

Click Here to Read: Sexual Strategies Theory: An Evolutionary Perspective on Human Mating Psychology Review by David M. Buss  1993, vol 100, #2, pp. 204-232.

Click Here to Read: Sex Differences in Human Mate Preferences: Evolutionary Hypotheses in 37 Cultures by David M. Buss Behavioral adn Brain Science 1989, Issue 12, p. 1-49.

Click Here to Read: The Strategies of Human Mating by David M. Buss American Scientist issue 82  pp. 238-148.

Click Here to Read: Evolutionary Theories in Psychology By David M. Buss on the Noba Website.

Click Here to View:  Evolutionary Psychology: Dr. David Buss Interview w/ Tai Lopez on YouTube.

Click Here to Read: In the Expert’s Chair with Dr. David Buss on YouTube.

Click Here to Read: Evolutionary Psychology: The New Science of the Mind, Fifth Edition BookReview David M. Buss on YouTube.

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