When it comes to religion, how do we think that psychoanalysis can best deploy its tools of understanding: in finding commonalities with the religiously passionate, or in differentiating itself from expressions of the religious life that are clearly awful?
Elizabeth Cutter Evert: “I am drawn to look both at the ways psychoanalysis can be guilty of dismissiveness of the religious endeavor, and to think about how we have more in common with those involved in spiritual yearning then we often acknowledge.”

Jared Russell: “At what point do understanding and tolerance begin to facilitate masochistic self-sacrifice? … Understanding should not be confused with tolerance, nor should tolerance be confused with acceptance.”

Come to the first Room Roundtable on June 11, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m., IPTAR Conference Room,

I. A conversation between Elizabeth and Jared, moderated by Richard Grose.

II. A chance to hear from recent Room authors, who will give us further thoughts on their pieces.

III. An open meeting, a time for anyone to comment on anything happening in the world.

Please RSVP to Richard Grose at groser@earthlink.net

(To (re)read Elizabeth’s and Jared’s pieces see the links above to both first issues of ROOM.)

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