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The following books are now available from IPBooks:

Click Here to Purchase: Not Knowing Knowing Not Knowing: Festschrift in Honor of Shmuel Ehlich, edited By Mira Erlich-Ginor .

Click Here To: Purchase:  The Rapaport -Holt Correspondence by Robert Holt

Click Here Purchase: Bone Shop of the Heart: Poems of Memory and Desire by Eugene Mahon.

Click Here to Purchase:  Nodal Points: Critical Voices in Contemporary Psychotherapy/Psychoanalysis by Joseph Schachter & Horst Kächel.

Click Here to Purchase: Encounters with the Irrational : My Story by André Haynal.

Click Here to Purchase:  Hide and Seek/Hidden and Found: In Search of a Balanced Life: Memoirs, Stories,and Essays by Howard L. Schwartz.

Click Here to Purchase:  Psychoanalysis:  Perspectives on Thought Collectives:  Selected Papers of Arnold Richards, Volume 2.

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