A Quote for Yom Ha Shoah – Holocaust Rememberance Day

“This was the end. This was the sum total of hundreds of generations of building, of Torah, of piety, of freethinking, of Zionism, of Bundism, of struggles and of battles, of the hopes of an entire people – this empty desert I looked around me at what had been the Jews of Warsaw. I felt one hope, and I feel it now. May this sea of emptiness bubble and boil, may it cry out eternal condemnation of the murderers and pilagers, may it be forever the shame of the civilized world which saw and heard and chose to remain silent”

B Goldstein (2005). Five Years in the Warsaw Ghetto: the stars bear witness
Oakland CA AK Press

Click here to Read: Richards, A (2012). Witnessing the Death of Yiddish Language and Culture. Holes in the Doorposts in  The Power of Witnessing edited by N Goodman and M Meyers. Routledge New York

Click Here for the Website for The Power of Witnessing

Click Here to Read:  The Holocaust’s long reach: Trauma is passed on to survivors’ children by Ian Brown in The Globe and Mail on April 3, 2015.

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