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In a time of increasing Balkanization and narrowing of psychoanalysis, Helen Gediman’s work offers a richly textured, integrative perspective. This volume covers a multitude of topics, demonstrating Dr. Gediman’s broad and deep experience. Most striking is how her unflagging theoretical curiosity and thoughtful simultaneous engagement with her patients comes across. Since the papers in this book span 50 years, we can also share in her responses to changes and evolution in the field. It is a treat to revisit relatively understudied areas Dr. Gediman has brought into their rightful prominence in our understanding, such as lying and imposture, and the role of multiple relationships in training. Both dipping in and studying this whole book will richly reward the reader.
Kerry Kelly Novick, Psychoanalyst, FIPA

Building Bridges” is a collection of Dr. Helen Gediman’s scholarly and sagacious papers from 1971 to the present. Her contributions encompass a wide variety of topics relevant to psychoanalytic thought and clinical practice. These absorbing papers survey such topics as “Fantasies of Love and Death in Life and Art”, “Pre-modern, Modern and Post-modern perspectives on Sex and Gender”, “Controversies of the Analyst’s Implicit and Explicit Self-disclosure”. Her discourse avoids rigidified orthodoxy and theoretical fragmentation. Open minded and expanding understanding, Dr. Gediman’s writings will enrich her readers in the fields of psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, and allied disciplines.

Harold P. Blum, M.D.
Past Editor, JAPA
Past Vice President, IPA



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