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Links to audio and/or video clips from conferences, symposia and other events:

The Philoctetes Center For The Multidisciplinary Study of Imagination — International Psychoanalysis: 150 Years After the Birth of Freud. (Video) March 17, 2006 roundtable discussion featuring Sander Abend, Jacqueline Amati Mehler, Alain de Mijolla, Claudio Eisirik, Charles Hanly, and Edward Nersessian.

A 1-hour interview with Jacob Arlow conducted by Frank Parcells of the Michigan Psychoanalytic Society in the 1980’s as part of an oral history project.

A 1-hour interview with Charles Brenner conducted by Frank Parcells of the Michigan Psychoanalytic Society in the 1980’s as part of an oral history project.

The Empathy Symposium (March 3 and 4, 2007) – selected audio files

Freud’s Jewish World Conference: Sunday, December 2-4, 2006: YIVO, LBI and The Freud Archives invited an outstanding group of academics and psychoanalysts to consider Freud in the context of his upbringing, including the bourgeouis culture of Vienna in the early 20th century, the anti-Semitism of central Europe, and the overall anxiety of his time. The above link takes you to the audio and video archives on the Center for Jewish History web site.

The final panel of Symposium 2009: Greed, Gullibility, Money and Madoff

Future of Psychoanalytic Education Audio Files

Dr. Charles Brenner interviewed by Dr. Robert Michels on November 7, 2006 at the New York Academy of Medicine (Click here to listen.)

In response to the swift and chilling rise of anti-Semitism in the West, the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research sponsored a conference which ran May 11–14, 2003 — YIVO Institute Presents: Old Demons, New Debates. Listen to the audio on The Center for Jewish History programs web site.

Sigmund Freud recorded this audio in 1938.  Click Here to listen to the audio on You Tube

Listen to a Philoctetes Roundtable Discussion:  The Place of Agency and Norms in Psychoanalysis with Jorge Ahumada, Akeel Bilgrami, Arnold M. Cooper, Garnett Deckel, Peter D. Kramer, Bernard Reginster.

Interviews by Max Kohn about the Yiddish language

APsaA Online Audio Library

America in the Age of Trauma with Robert Stolorow, Ph.D. on the Radio Dr. Gluss website.

Dr. Gerald Gargiulo Podcasts on Psychotherapeutic Topics

And Now For Something Completely Different: Videos about Freud, Bowlby, Woody Allen, and Lacan

The First Season of Be’Tipul (Israeli Intreatment) Videos.

Be’Tipul – Season 2, Episode 1

Be’Tipul – Season 2, Episode 2

The Courage To Survive, Video by Norman Straker

Dissecting the Genius of Einstein’s Brain

Erik H. Erikson: A Life’s Work

The Place of Agency and Norms in Psyschoanalysis

From the Video Archives of the New School for Social Research

The Death Drive: A Contemporary View By Otto Kernberg

Robert Shiller: How Animal Spirits Drive the Economy

A Secular Age: Psychoanalysis as Spirituality