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Use our email forms to send your submissions and inquiries.

In an effort to deter spammers from harvesting email addresses we have opted to use a form-based email system in lieu of posting individual email addresses. To send an email message and/or submit a piece for publication on

  1. click on the name and an email form will appear in a separate window
  2. fill out the form — the Browse button will allow you to  select a file from your computer if you wish to send an attachment
  3. click on Send Email
  4. when the confirmation appears, close the window

If you don’t see the name of the person you wish to contact, email Tamar Schwartz, assistant to the Editor-In-Chief.  She can also assist you with basic how-to questions that you might have, place book orders, and much more. 

Editor-In-Chief Arnold Richards

Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief Tamar Schwartz

Op-Ed Editor Jane Hall