What Ahad Ha’am Saw and Herzl Missed—and Vice Versa

Click Here to Read: What Ahad Ha’am Saw and Herzl Missed—and Vice Versa: The unresolved rivalry between the great Zionist thinker and the great Zionist strategist still shapes the contending outlooks of many 21st-century Jews by Hillel Halkin on the Mossiac Magazine website on October 5, 2016.

Portrait of Ahad Ha’am (Asher Zvi Hirsch Ginsberg).  Public Domain Via Wikemedia Commons

Today’s Biggest Threat: The Polarized Mind

Click Here to Read: Today’s Biggest Threat: The Polarized Mind/ To counter  it, we call for a mobilization of mindfulness practices and dialogue groups on the scale of a public works program for human civility By Kirk J. Schneider, Sayyed Mohsen Fatemi on the Scientific American website on April 16, 2019.

CT scan of patient with brain trauma.  Author:  Rehman T, Ali R, Tawil I, Yonas H.  Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons