POETRY MONDAY: January 7, 2019


Patty Crane 

A happy, healthy and hopeful New Year, everyone.  We have a delightful poetry surprise for you this morning.  Although we have featured poets who are also translators, I know that we haven’t yet had poems in Swedish.  Since this is an international website, I also know that those of you who are Swedish speakers yourselves must of course be familiar with the work of Nobel prize-winning poet, Tomas Tranströmer. His volume of selected Continue reading POETRY MONDAY: January 7, 2019

Amos Oz 1939-2018

Click Here to Read:  Review of Amos Oz’s “A Tale of Love and Darkness”
Reviewed by Merle Molofsky in the Other/Wise Journal Volume 1: Spring 2008. 
Click Here to Read:  Amos Oz, Israeli Author and Peace Advocate, Dies at 79 on the New York Times December 28, 2018.
Amos Oz.  Photo: Shannon. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.
Click Here to Read:  Announcement by Merle Molofsky about the death of Amos Oz.