POETRY MONDAY: December 3, 2018

Frederick Feirstein

Welcome back to our poetry column, everyone. Since we’re an international readership, some of us are still finishing up the last of our turkey, while others are doing that at the same time as celebrating Hanukkah, which began last night.

In these turbulent times, it certainly is somewhat relaxing to experience (I use this word advisedly, because “enjoy” is not always the right word for poems that are meant to make us think and feel deeply).

Although, not only as a poetry editor but as someone who has been passionate about poetry for many years, I am at least superficially acquainted with the work of most contemporary poets, it wasn’t until recently that I discovered the work of Frederick Feirstein. And what a marvelous discovery it was! Continue reading POETRY MONDAY: December 3, 2018

Poetry Monday: October 1, 2018

To readers of Poetry Monday: Our Poetry Editor, Irene Willis, is on book leave and will be back when her current project is finished.

Meanwhile, keep reading poetry.  She recommends these:

The Black Bear Inside Me
             by Robin Becker

Losers Dream On
             by Mark Halliday

Another Way to Play:
           Poems 1960-2017
             by Michael Lally

The Best American Poetry
             2018, Guest-edited by
Dana Goia;  Series Editor,
David Lehman

and says, “That ought to keep you busy for awhile.  If possible, have a happy October and get outdoors.”