The Metropolitan Institute for Training in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy,
The Metropolitan Center for Mental Health and The Metropolitan Society of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists Invite you to a Scientific Meeting 


PRESENTERS: Susan N. Finkelstein, LCSW Maria Teresa Flores, M.D.
Masha Mimran, Ph.D.  

Freud’s hysteria and psychic architecture: démodé or still relevant today?  Then and now, hysterical features and its diagnosis have shifted, from the unearthing of primal Oedipal conflict to include contemporary thinking of defense, denial of psychic reality and coping with unbearable primitive anxieties. Clinical vignettes of ‘then and now’ case  material  will  be presented.

This international panel of 3 psychoanalysts examines Freud’s formulation of feminine identifications in hysteria, from its inception in Charcot’s  Salpêtrière in the late 18th Century to today’s clinical practice. We argue that Freud’s infamous question “What does a woman want?” calls for  different answers, that include the Oedipal configuration of Freud and early maternal Oedipus situation of Klein, as well as the internal object world comprising the complicated pathway to integration of internal objects and the ultimate adoption of a feminine identification.

Learning objectives:
Participants will be able to 1) Be able to trace how analytic perspective on hysteria has evolved from Freud to contemporary thought, 2) explore & expand on how the concept of feminine identification has progressed & can be applied to current practice, and 3) gain understanding on Freudian & Kleinian perspectives on feminine identification.

Masha Mimran’s “Setting the Stage: Hysterical Symptomatology Medicalized and Fictionalized” revisits scientific and fictionalized accounts of hysteria in the 19th Century.  

Susan Finkelstein’s “Creative Intercourse and the Missing Mother’s Body: Hysteria in Bonaparte and Freud” turns to one of the most intimate relationships in the history of psychoanalysis: Freud and Marie Bonaparte.
Maria Teresa Flores’ “Femininity as a Mask: The Flourishing of the Feminine in the Analytic Relationship,” presents a female patient  with hysterical symptoms, including conversion. 

Susan N. Finkelstein, LCSW Senior Analyst: Contemporary Freudian Society. Faculty/Member: IPTAR.  
Maria Teresa Flores, M.D. Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst, Member, Training Analyst: The Portuguese Nucleus of Psychoanalysis (NPP) – IPA Study Group; Current President: NPP-Ex European Co-Chair: IPA-COWAP (Committee on Women and Psychoanalysis).
Masha Mimran, Ph.D. Candidate: IPTAR, Adult Program.

The New York State Education Department has approved this meeting for 2 contact hours (CEUs) for LMSWs, LCSWs, LMHCs and LPs. A certificate will be emailed to those who sign the attendance sheet at the end of the meeting, complete an evaluation and pay an administrative fee of $15. There is no charge for those affiliated with MITPP, MCMH or MSPP. 
No registration or fee required.  Refreshments served following the presentation.

Reidy Hall of Unitarian Church of All Souls
1157 Lexington Avenue  (between 79th & 80th Streets)
New York, NY 10075
 For further information:
(212) 496-2858 

Program Committee: Gino Benza, LCSW, Chair * Carmen Bracero, LCSW * Joyce A. Lerner, LCSW * Carol Mazor, LCSW * Barbara Reichenthal, LCSW, BCD * Ivy Vale, BFA